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Veteran Broadcaster dies

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that Friday night was missing an essential ingredient. On my way home to the Castle after a little sharpener after work I could always depend on the pre-war tones of Hubert Gregg on "Wireless Two" - I am sorry to see he has died.

He wrote 'Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner' and worked in the Biz for many years - I will recall him this friday and his wartime hit, "I'm Going To Get Lit Up When The Lights Go Up In London".


In response to a message I left:

Thank you for that very kind message, Tim. You can imagine how we're
feeling here - we're going to miss him terribly. I'm making a collection
of all the many letters and emails we're receiving, which I shall be
passing on to Hubert's family.
With regard to a tribute programme, we're in discussion now about the
form this should take but a date has already been ear-marked: April 20th
in the 'Tuesday Documentary' slot at 8.30 pm.
With kindest regards, Roy Oakshott (Producer, BBC Radio 2)

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