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Concrete them over.

BBC NEWS | UK | Rail to get 14m a day to improve

Britain's railways will get 14m a day for the next five years in a bid to improve train services.

Network Rail (NR), the state-backed operator, will invest 26bn to boost train punctuality from the current 80% to 90% before 2009.

I believe there is less than 10,000 miles of railway track in the UK - figures seem to vary from 9000 to 11,000. Get the calculator out and start doing the sums. Coachs on bus/taxiways deliver many more people per hour with less pollution, more flexibilty and probably just as safely. Trains suit a certain control and command mindset, not a modern society based on freedom, they belong to centuary before last! Let's just keep a few historic museum rides and get rid of the rest.


I don't mind railways, per se, it's the "state-backed, here's 26 billion, see how you get on, a 12.5% improvement over 5 years will do, but of course, if you don't manage anything, you know we'll bail you out anyway" bit, that makes me dislike the story.

What makes you think that road transport can carry more people per hour, is less polluting and safer than rail? None of these things is remotely true. And have you any idea how many coaches would be needed to replace trains (for example, to carry a quarter of a million people into London every day), and what they would do to our already congested roads?
Bit late for an April Fool suggestion.

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