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Un confession

Je suis réellement une fille Française faisant une maîtrise dans le psycology et ce website a servi de base à mon disertation sur des attitudes anglo-saxonnes.
Merci d'aider moi,
Viva la France et John Kerry :)

Avril Poisson


If you have her IP addie, can you ask her if she is cute? At worst, it will annoy the hell out of her !!!!! At best, she will go Johny Ballistic & add another 100,000 words to her undoubtedly worthy tome - which will of course have been time better spent shaving her armpits

Beer tomorrow night? I'll have to make it a swifty as The Good Colonel is away & hence I'll be driving as I can't crash @ his HQ....boo hoo!!

Mais naturellement mon cher camarade, je suis très mignon et il serait gentil être boisson avec un monsieur anglais dans l'attente...

"But naturally my dear comrade, I am very nice and it would be nice being drink with an English Mister in waiting..."


Did your Poisson d'Avril really catch only one?

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