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Britain 'must scrap multiculturalism'

Times Online - Britain

BRITAIN’s race relations chief last night called for the abandonment of the policy pursued by successive governments since the 1960s of building a “multicultural society”.

Trevor Phillips, the chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, said that multiculturalism was out of date and no longer useful, not least because it encouraged “separateness” between communities. As British-born Muslims burnt the Union Jack on the streets of London yesterday, he said that there was an urgent need to “assert a core of Britishness” across society.

In an interview with The Times, he said that multiculturalism — one of the founding principles of his own organisation — “means the wrong things”. He added: “We are now in a different world from the Sixties and Seventies.

“What we should be talking about is how we reach an integrated society, one in which people are equal under the law, where there are some common values.”

I think I need to go and have a lie down - "I'm amazed" is not strong enough.


April fool!

Multiculturalism is our only hope of securing a future Labour government. The british have a tendancy for voting Tory for up to 18 years at a time.

besides the settlers provide 10% of GDP but are only 8% of the population if you ignore certain factors. Settlers are so superior to the British that they even make up a disproportionate number of presenters at the BBC.

The Monk is speechless - common sense from a politician?

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