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Things I learnt at the Weekend

1) After the dog comes back from rabbiting with a cut ear and shakes his head in the kitchen - do not talk about his "bloody ear" unless you want your three year old going round telling everybody "I've got a bloody ear, I've got a bloody nose, I've got a bloody mouth" - how do you unlearn a word...

2) Tightly coiled 1/2 inch data tape in a backup cassette stops a .22 at quite close range - do not rely on this if in a combat situation. We take obselete data destruction seriously!

Oh well, back to the gardening leave...


You will also find that said dog with cut ear will not stop shaking said "bloody ear". This goes double if dog is a spaniel.
Result: Kitchen resembles abattior in short order

gardening leave?

As in a precursor to unemployment? Bugger.

I'm just curious, but I figure there's a story behind #2 and I was wondering if you could tell us.

Is there something we should know?

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