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"Stuff 'em, tank 'em, ammer 'em" was offensive.

Unpersons reports that everyone is now a winner and none shall lose and everyone will get prizes...

Under whatsit footer matches are now in the Alice world of the politically correct - see this Oz report on it

Thank God we didn't win the Rugby World Cup , but merely shared it with all the other deserving teams who played really really well, otherwise nasty mean people would be jumping up and down and pointing out that we came a sort of second in other recent matches - It didn't happen - we feel the pain of the subjegated Celtic and French races and so we shared - hey it is bigger to share than to beat someone, isn't it...


Aargh! That, plus the idea that atheism be taught in school RE lessons.

I think the Americans sum it up really well when they say 'where're we going? And what's with this handbasket?'

Must disagree with above "commentor".
If RE is to be taught, then the "none of the above" option should also be discussed.

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