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Bored - what shall I make today?

My ammonium nitrate store.


Image taken on 6/4/2004 9:38

Just to clear it up. The bags are 600Kg each hidden inside a barn, the stack is about 20 ft tall and l thought it made a nice picture. Nearly every farm has a similar stack at this time of year.


Image taken on 6/4/2004 9:39


Do you carry insurance on that stuff? It looks as tho' you are inviting a burglary....

The man is armed to the teeth and owns his own bunker. He probably has the store booby trapped too.

Do you really think so?....sounds more like the sort of bragging that invites trouble.....isn't there enough trouble around without going to look for it?

Do we really need another 'home invasion' martyr?

Each bag weighs 600kg so not easy to steal, and also the store has been half emptied today.

I think people are getting the wrong idea about me, next week pictures of my flower arranging..

No ernest, I don't really think so.

600kgs ? You country boys are sure strong, or do you just smell strong?

Flower arrangement with Venus flycatchers and Amazonian Man-eating Vines....:-)

Ernest old chap, telehandlers take the sting out of the 600kgs you'll find!

not very bright article.

That stuff was stolen by islamites quite recently.

I hope you have adequate security.

600kgs. - each bag. Mark, old boy! methinks the ale has affected your eyesight...now 60kgs seems more likely.

Whoops - I meant to extend this entry to show the second photo - it got put up as a new entry, so I corrected that, but lost three comments that had been posted - sorry guys, no censorship meant!

By the way you can just see the back wheel of my tractor on the right to give you an idea of scale.

OK Tim, the dets are ready........beer tomorrow night & I'll give them to you?

Just for the record - as the earlier one was deleted: My humble apologies for the ragging, - I guess you guys really are strong!

If that is a standard sizes tractor wheel, then those are b-i-g bags.....

They probably are 600 kgs. Those look like the kind of '1 ton' bags that builders deliver sand in.

The farmer down the lane from me has got about 20 bags on a trailer parked in the side of the lane. But not that insecure due to his homicidal sheepdog who tries to bite my tyres as I drive by. You'd need a forklift and flatbed to pinch more than a few pounds, and unless you looked Native Brit someone would probably notice you.

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