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St George's Day celebration

The Daily Ablution points out in a wonderfully researched article that the London Celebrations seem not to be as prominent yet as Ken promised they will be, you don't think he has forgotten after yet another St Paddy's Day he celebrated with Sinn Fein funsters at our expense do you?

I think I will play safe and go to my local Pub and sup ale and claret with a Sirloin of Beef cooked by a Frenchman as all good Englishmen should.

(Last year it was a 24lb Sirloin - 50 minutes cooking time, wonderful....)


I wonder what would happen if someone pitched the idea of a White History Month? You know the kind of things, heroes of the Crusades (Vlad Tepes, please step forward), how Whites built the West, a nice selection of Kipling readings, that kind of thing.


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