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Folk Music

I turned the wireless on in the kitchen just now and it was some BBC Folk music show - stereotypes abound, Jolly Celtic music for jigging to and then some English dirges, in this case about Transportation to Australia - not original songs but some composed in the last fifty years. (When "the real criminals the Judges and Landowners walked free" to quote the presenter.) I bet myself she would intone, "once I went a-courting". Of course she bloody well did. No one ever sang this rubbish and it is always the same old cod rural accent and a-courting in the woods and a-kissing under the moon etc.

I can not believe a nation as addicted to drinking, hunting, fighting and riotous merrymaking as the English didn't have some rousing folk music in the past. My limited experience of rugby clubs and other similar gatherings bears me out. So if we must have folk music, let it be "John Peel" and "Eskimo Nell", not some Guardinista wrapped up in rags feeling the pain from all those years ago.

And if we must have music from the north and east of us why do I never hear the magnificent sound of the Drum and Flutes of the Apprentice Boys - that is real authentic 17th Century marching music...

Anyway I am off to sing The Vly my local Regiment's song - all together now - words below..

The Vly
T'were on a jolly summer's day,
the twenty fust of May,
John Scruggins took his turmut hoe,
with this he trudged away,
Now some volkes they loike haymakin',
and some they vancies mowin'
But of all the jobs as Oi loike best,
gie Oi the turmut 'oein.

The Vly, the Vly-
The Vly be on the turmut,
Tis all me eye,
For Oi to try,
To keep Vlys off them turmuts.

The fust place as Oi went to wurk;
it were wi' Varmer Gower,
Who vowed and swore as how Oi wer
'-a virst class turmut oer;'
The second place Oi went to wurk,
they paid Oi by the job,
If Oi'd a knowed a liitle more,
Oi'd sooner bin in quod.

The Vly, the Vly-
The Vly be on the turmut,
Tis all me eye,
For Oi to try,
To keep Vlys off them turmuts.

The last place as I went to wurk,
they zent ver Oi a mowin'
Oi sent word back,
Oi'd sooner get the zack,
than gie up turmut 'oein',
Now all you jolly varmer chaps,
what bides at 'ome zo warm',
Oi'll now conclude my ditty wie a wishing you no 'arm.


Hey Matty Groves, have a listen to this. It mentions your local town!

One of the more annoying things about the Beeb is their enthusiasm for "world music" every time they start a "feature" on a country. Doesn't matter if they're talking about the Internet in India or basketmaking in Malawi -- we get to hear the cliche-riddled jingles every time.

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