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"stuck with cloves and roasted or baked"

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Bustards brought back to Britain

In the next few weeks, 40 great bustard chicks will be taken from their nests near the Volga river in Russia, driven to Moscow, put on a night flight to Heathrow, rushed through Customs and, while still dark, taken to a pen on land rented from the army on Salisbury plain.
The two-week-old birds will wake to a motherless world of unlimited food, high wire fences and nearby artillery practice. Most confusing of all, however, the only people they will be allowed to see for many months will be dressed in Ku Klux Klan-type "dehumanisation" suits, without visible arms or legs, who will train them to survive in the the wild by poking at them stuffed foxes on the end of sticks.
The birds are by any standards extraordinary - a cross between a turkey and an eagle with whiskers, weighing up to 22kg (50lb) and practically needing a runway to take off.

All within Mr Free Market's and my locality - it is going to need a Goose load I think...


Yum. Stuffed fox on a stick.

And some folk say that English fare is boring.

105mm airburst from the Larkhill range should do the job !!! Of course, the expert will use WP rounds, thereby ensuring that the feathers are seared off & the bird will be ready cooked when you pick it up........oh, as it is such a large bird, it might be too big for a lab to pick up.........we may need to invest in something more substanial...........how about a brace of ridgebacks? After all, the 'ridgeway' isn't too far away.

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