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Can't do better - my arse.

On Friday the trusty old Saab wouldn't start - looked like the battery was flat (- what shape should it be etc..). I tried charging it on Saturday - no joy, so late in the afternoon I popped into Devizes to get a new battery. First big place to sell them is Kwik-Fit - Five to five, doors still open, before I get to the front door a fitter comes out and says - "Sorry mate we are about to close, and there is a queue of people we are already seeing to." I say fine - I just want to buy a battery, I don't need anyone to fit it - but no they were about to close so they wouldn't serve me. " Come back tomorrow" he said, "Bollocks" I said - luckily I found the little one man motor spares shop was still open and so I was happy to give him my 48.

And then I remembered a couple of years ago when I had a flat tyre at Gatwick airport - my car had every tool apart from the correct socket to undo the nuts (I know I should have checked). RAC man got me to Kwik-fit by blowing the tyre up. " Sorry mate we are closing"
RAC man " I bring lots of people here, surely you can just change the tyre".
Luckily a Halfords was near by and I bought a socket and changed it myself, and the RAC man said "bollocks" to them.
So note to self - "Kwik-fit - just say NO".


Ah, a Saab... I'm just getting rid of mine, but it has served me well. Which one do you drive?

Oh, and I'll remember about Kwik-Fit - poor customer service is inexcusable in my book, and I work in a customer-facing role!

Should have stuck with your tractor!

Kwik-Fit AND Halfords pay peanuts and get monkeys. How did the RAC man not have the tool himself? Was it that specialist?

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