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Why the U turn?

Tony's U turn on the Referendum has been perplexing me.

1) He needed to take the heat out of the Tories who were going to run with it in the Euro elections . So good reason to announce holding one.
2) He won't win the referendum, and he doesn't pick fights he doesn't believe he can win.

So either he is a fool who thinks the public will buy him being pretty reasonable sort of guy and back him or it is like the Euro referendum. We still haven't had that one either!

I bet it isn't going to happen. Either the rest of the Europolitcos will scupper it as last time, or it gets so changed that the UK Parliament turns it down. Either way no need for a referendum and Tony holds the moral highground.


Those who paint Tony as Europhile are misunderstanding him. The point is not that he wants to sign the constitution, but rather he doesn't want to not sign it. He knows the public will reject it, but it may never actually happen because others may reject it first. In addition the knowledge of an upcoming referendum will make his negotiating position stronger in June.

The worst thing for him personally would be to go into the next election painted as an undemocratic traitor by the Tories. He thus removes one of their strongest weapons.

The only unexplainable is why he said no in the first place.

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