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Chavs is people as well.

The article on An Englishman's Castle: about Chavs still draws comments - here is a bit of today's one -

People are people and these "chavs" are no difrent from you or I. You may disagree with me but think about it.... deep down there people... i meen realy deep down.

So there you have it - as it continues:
I think people who judge people just by the way they look are discriminating because they havent givven the people a chance, or mayby there not giving themselves a chance to get to know worthwhile people. - Not saying all chavs are - but then againe not all "posh" people or "respectable" people as u might put it are decent people.


Personally, I think you can tell quite a bit about a person by the way they carry themselves....prep or chav

oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I do have to admit that they seem to be breeding rather quickly. I fear there will soon be no escape...

Chavs are just a traveller breed basically. A bunch of TN wearing and sport clothes gypo wannabes. Chavs don't travel around in carvans
and I have a bit of gypsy in the blood so I feel
a bit pissed off about them giving yeah boy yeah
mush it is so plastic they ain't no where near gypos like me and my family the Frankhams. One of
the leading travller familes in Kent and Alice
Frankham was my nan. Even I am a bit of a chav myself with my ring and hoodies.

i love chavs. theyre really swell

Am i a chav? i wear dior, D and G, firetrap ect my parents are well off yet i still down a liter ov neat vodka followed by a bottle ov coke on a friday and saturday night in the park. chav or not?

Just thick i reckon.

hey evry 1!! im a chav n proud n iv dere r n e fit chav ladz out dere den add ma msn addy itz smile_if_u_fink_im_sexy@hotmail.co.uk

aup im a chav i have been a chav all mi life n i have seen what goths has been sayin so i was finkin if u add me then ill tell u what we can do 2 the twas (goths) mi addy is chuddi2006@hotmail.com thx 4 readin dis

aup im a chav i have been a chav all mi life n i have seen what goths has been sayin so i was finkin if u add me then ill tell u what we can do 2 the twas (goths) mi addy is chuddi2006@hotmail.com thx 4 readin dis

aup im a chav add mi plz chuddi2006@hotmail.com thx

I was a bit of a chav hater then but now I walk around in a black nike hat and hoodies. Chavs are not gypsy wannabes they there own sort of people I was just going through a phase back then
a chav is someone who listens to rap or drum and bass and wears hooded tops and stuff. Wannabe
rudeboys follow the crowd the true one are the people who goes there own seperate ways and does their own thing that is what I do.

i dnt no wat ppl av agnst chavs, nd there notin like gypos most da time they make fun of dem, or jst keep away from them or jst go near them nd really piss them off, thats all ya see in the town i live ,its manly chavs at mi skl, nd some of mi m8s are chavs anyway but then som of them h8 them, i dnt see wats wrong wit them , there great to be wit cuz ya get into som fukin troble but thats mint, we somtimes go on a pig chace its so fun but its twatish wen ya get caught , if ya wod like ta tlk 2 me den email or i.m me on mi msn its smittenkits@hotmail.com

omg u guys deres notin wrong wit chavs , u jst jude them on wat they wear nd not who dey are if ya get to no them there mostly great fun , but some are jst mentle but thats with every *style,or group , or wateva ya call it* i got 2 amitt i luv da cloths too but thats not wat its bout (o mi msn is smittenkits@hotmail.com)

hi i am against ppl who are agenst chavs ders notin wrong wit them i am one all u goths are twatish

proof right there chavs can't spell and are thick

oi chavs! you do no that not everyone who doesnt wear brickers or rockford shoes is a goth theres more than one type dickheads

such as

and there all fuckin different!

i iz a well bad chavette init. add me on

Chavz r mint i no loadz so dont dis chavz most ov me m8tz r chavz so there u go so dont dis chavz there r class 2 get on with love adele xxx

e r im a chav ye so lyk ther mint if u aint a chav u aint nuttin m8 caz chavs r class. ther sik as fuk mint the clothes m8 gt every tracksuit me mint as fuk on fridays lol add me N let c wat ya gta say ne fit chav ladz frm salford or nearer or newhere add uz yh inabit

If you wanted to label me I'd probably say I was a chav, just because of certian things that define a chav, such as wearing sports clothing and I like Trance, & Drum and bass, although a friend of mine gave me a CD by Army of Freshmen which I'm starting to like. I don't like TEXT speak, I don't understand it, I don't like getting wasted and hanging round outside stores, I don't like burbery and tons of bling although I have both my ears pierced but thats enough for me, I like playing lots of sport, none of which is football, I mostly wear tracksuit bottoms which I like so people call me a chav, I don't really care, certian things may make me a chav, but most of all I'm just me. Though some would say I'm not a chav because I'm reasonably literate and do things with my time other than hang around streets, but thats fine with me also.

Whats this a free adult friend finder, with the name... chav slag finder? add me on .....
like what the fuck.
chav.. do you know what it stands for?
council house assosiated vermin.
and i bet your still proud of it.

add me boyz im single bye


im pissed wif all u fukkerz dissin chaves ur all a sad load ov twats to even set up a web site dissin dem

all i cn say on it is if ur not chav ur a fkin greasy basturd wiff no money



im pissed wif all u fukkerz dissin chaves ur all a sad load ov twats to even set up a web site dissin dem

all i cn say on it is if ur not chav ur a fkin greasy basturd wiff no money


yeah and the only way chavs get money is by sponging off the system, and breeding so many kids, least some of work for our money, chavs are the lowest class in britian. if I had a choice i would rather be a goth than a chav

Ayoo mate. Ryt im a chav nd pretty much all ma m8zr chavs aswell. i fink ppl hu dont like chavs should leave off aht. if tyhey dont like em y b bovard abaht how uva ppl r?!
im all 4 chavs mainly coz im a chav from chatam!
big upz 2 emz hus readin this whilst im writin it coz shes mi little chavette!
anywaiz add jasminenouch@hotmail.com
LuvYuu xxx

Sophie Lancaster killed by chavs simply by walking past.
One word comes to mind.
How can you do that to an innocent person just because they dress differently? If thats the title chavs are known for. Would I really want to be known as some bastard who takes the memories nad the most cherished people in peoples lives away? Pathetic. If you was to take away my daughter or my sister. I WOULD KILL YOU.
This is no longer a simple subject of people dressing differently. This is Prejustice. This is murder.

I hope the fags who killed Sophie burn in hell. Because of them I am no longer a chav.

If you want to bitch to me, Feel the hell free.

i know, chavyjazzy. they just shouldn't be allowed on the streets at all - they're becoming the new christianity O_O
they battered my sister last week, & that's just cowardly cos she's like half their size, there was a bunch of them, they had weapons & she doesn't even fight.
i hate them so much >.

I'm sick of you chav arseholes driving down my street at 4am playing Ultracrap or whatever the hell it is. I got a leather strap with metal studs on it from an old friend of mine who died, and a chav shouted "Oi, goth!" and a gang of 7 came over and tried to beat me. After being beaten in the stomach, I lashed out, and broke one of their noses. They scattered then, saying "You ain't nuffink, goth!" I don't even live in London, yet they all use strong chav slang.
They tried to fight with my little sister, who is 10, but she had keys in her pocket, and slashed at one of thier faces. Don't you think it's sad that there's gangs attacking little girls? Chavs are scum.

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