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Mr FM's Pater has been struck down with a hospital acquired infection - and it is not a trivial thing. A quick google gave me this:
Times Online - Health


The facts: England and Wales

Numbers affected annually 100,000
Chances of infectrion in hospital 1 in 10
Annual cost to NHS 1bn
MRSA cases 1992 114
MRSA cases 2003 5,561
% increase in MRSA 4,778%
MSSA cases 1992 4,373
MSSA cases 2003 7,886
% increase in MSSA 80%
Source: Dept of Health and Health Protection Agency

My casual observations are that the cause is simple and rife:
Three observations.
1) English Angel No 1 spent two month in NICU - premmie intensive care - all visitors had to wash hands and only immediate family were allowed in. On the day she was released I saw for the first time the porters emptying the bins, walked straight in from the previous ward, no wiping of hands etc. pouring the yellow sacks into one another, straight out into the next ward - no one could say a thing because they are union labour... we were going home that day so I wasn't going to get involved.
2:) A fiver says that the lifts at the Royal United Hospital in Bath will have soiled detritus, ie a used dressing, in them. Anytime you want to look. My theory is that the cleaners do their floor, but no one does the lifts. And it has been like that for the sixteen years I have been going there...
3) The floor of the waiting room in Charlotte Ward, RUH has the filthiest carpet of any establishment in Bath, including any pub you care to mention.
It isn't hard to get it right., McDonalds manage it, and they are only selling crappy burgers, but then they aren't part of the great NHS who are trying to save lives...


Comment from a Prof at the Royal Rheumatic I used to have a bevy with in the Green Tree.
A major cause of cross infection is doctor's pens. Act this out.
Doctor is going to examine patient. Washes hands. Examines. Takes pen from pocket, writes notes. Puts pen back. Approaches next patient. Washes hands. Examines. Takes pen from pocket, writes notes. Perhaps re examines.
Pen hasn't been washed. In fact, never is.
Shades of that bloke in Vienna who sorted out puerpural fever.
RUH ? Laughable place indeed.
BTW, can I get you to change your link to me so that it actually points at the web site ? www.timworstall.com ?

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