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Today's Recipe

Mrs Englishman was running a cake stall so last night I had to make a Wiltshire Lardy Cake to bake this morning.

5 lb White Bread Dough
1 Kg White Sugar
1 Kg mixed Dried Fruit
1 Kg Lard

Roll the dough into a 3x1 Rectangle, spread 1/3rd the Lard, sugar and fruit on 2/3rds the surface, fold in on itself so it is a square, rollout and repeat twice so you end up with a many layered cake. Bake for 45 minutes. Remove from pan whilst still warm and eat.

Good job the new fat tax hasn't been introduced yet!

Yum - I want to get closer


Mrs Englishman is using kilos in her recipes? Thank God she still uses lard at least.

No no thrice no - it was me what was doing the cooking and I don't use kilos but having made the dough last night apres Pub - ie about 1:00 in the morning, when I got up at six to add the other ingredients I couldn't be arsed to measure out the proper imperial weights and just added whole packets, which curses are in kilos!

Hey, site meter says 25,000!
Congrats Tim! What do I win? Free groceries? A toaster?

Despite hearing my arteries clang shut at the mere thought of all that lard - pass another slice please?

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