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Abolish it - yes

IsItFair.co.uk - Campaigning for the reform of the current Council Tax system

The IsItFair campaign is NATIONWIDE, NON-PARTY POLITICAL and FOR EVERYONE (not only pensioners) who wants the existing system of Council Tax abolished.

If you have been outraged by the relentless, year on year, inflation-busting increases in Council Tax, then this is YOUR CAMPAIGN. Please support it in whatever way you can.

The average rise for 2003/2004 was 12.9 per cent and was a direct result of central Government action. It is set to continue. Government is using the council tax system as a stealth tax. Grants have been redistributed away from many areas. At the same time, Government has dictated that spending in these same areas is significantly increased. On average, the cost of council tax has increased by up to 70% since 1997. The forecasts for next year's rises are already being reported at 10%.


I hope this lot aren't just another group opposed to tax that only they have to pay. They keep going on about income tax which is great if you are a coffin dodger and don't have an income. Hey you might even have tons of money in the bank but you still don't necessarily have an income. But if you are like many and have an income then income tax is a punitive way of preventing you becoming wealthy.

Good point Mr Holland - I had overlooked that point in my hatred of Council Tax - let's just scrap all taxes....

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