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My little girl came and disturbed me at work and asked very nicely if we could go to the pond. So I did a quick google and found out how to make a Paper Boat - and they worked. Great fun, until I tried to launch tow together for a race, got too close to the edge and slipped in. Wet and cold. Still everyone else thought it was funny.

Anyway, it is a good site for how to make a paper
boat, and it has a German Joke on the page as well! The main site has lots of German fun and games.

("German Jokes" is the commonest Google keyphrase to find this site - go figure!)


German jokes…………an oxymoron?

My mate Jimmer, ex-city boy, now trainee pig farmer – his father, Fat Bill the retired Brigadier told an assuming tale of a NATO conference. A Luftwaffe General told him,

“For ze Germans, telling ze jokes iz no laughing matter.”

You can’t make this up…………….see you & The Good Colonel for beers at the Kings Arms, later -> warning, I have a bit thirst on !!!

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