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Moron Sacked - Hurray

BBC NEWS | Politics | Editor sacked over 'hoax' pictures

Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan is sacked following pressure over faked photos of soldiers abusing an Iraqi prisoner.

The Queen's Lancashire Regiment earlier told a press conference the Mirror had to apologise for running the pictures and endangering British troops.

Now the only thing that would make me happier would be for Piers to meet up with a couple of agrieved Squaddies behind a pub...


LOL! This really gave me a boost when I heard about it :). It's about time some of these irresponsible media people started getting what's coming to them. We have a similar situation here in the US with the "Boston Globe" having just this past week reprinted those "rape" pictures that have long been identified as having come from a porn site in Tunisia. The guys in the so-called "British" pictures had incorrect equipment, but the men in the "American" pictures weren't even wearing the right color of camouflage! They had on Vietnam Era green jungle camouflage that has been out of "regulation" for about 30 years!

The editor of the Boston Globe still has his job, though. Too bad :(. Their original story had the pics and banner headlines on Page 1, and hid a tiny "correction" article somewhere in the body of the paper. IMHO, the correction should have been on Page 1 in the same size type as the original story! >:(. AND the editor should be dusting off his/her resume!

I would be exceedingly happy to arrange the meeting between Mr. Morgan and a few squaddies. What pub were you thinking of?

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