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German for Beginners

197 Schimpfwörters for you to learn - Derb vulgär

Derb vulgär

Der Volksmund ist hart und gemein. Sind die Wörter "Affenarsch" bis "Zaunsoacha" zu hart für Dich, dann lass diese Kategorie sicherheitshalber aus.

German is a great language for these sort of words:
Atomblonde Trampelsau


You do have an obsession with the Germans, don't you...

You know what they say about playing around the cess-pit, you will end up smelling of s***...

You know I'm going to nick this link don't you? "How to swear in German" is my most popular hit....

Genadige Herr Tim, thank you for the extension of my Deutcher vocabulary - I shall have to seek ways of building some of these into future posts! In the meantime have this bit of pidgin German -

Ein Honkentootenscreechenraumferleapendodger - a pedestrian to the rest of us!

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