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Compare and contrast

Headline: - "Morgan expects £1.5m and a summer holiday"

Essam Jeradeh, the head gardener at the Commonwealth cemetery in Gaza, inspects damage to gravestones defaced with pictures of the alleged abuse of Iraqis. Photo: Suhaib Salem/Reuters


Surely sir, in the back of your barn, you must have a suitable length of stout well oiled rope, with pondlife Morganís name on it?

At last, a potential use for all that fertilizer...

homemade Claymores anyone?

So the Mirror will give 50K to charity and 750K min to Piers.

Some campaigning journalist should investigate - Pilger where are you ?

The worst thing is that the little /deleted/ will probably go on to get another media job in a year's time. How long before he's on Have I Got News For You?

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