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BBC NEWS | Politics | Alcohol the 'new British disease'

Tony Blair says alcohol abuse is fast becoming the "new British disease".

Yet again Tony shows his ignorance of the history and traditions of this country - when the Romans came over they complained that we all drank and fought, to excess. I'm not saying it is something that is good for us, but to call it a NEW problem is just bollocks...


Hehe, good point.

I seem to recall the venomous Bede saying something similar. And that Drake bloke was quite partial to a jar.
We need press gangs and recruiting sergeants with plenty of red worsted cloth to patrol the streets.

In days of yore the bulk of us drank nothing but beer, while wealthier sorts drunk wine. The brewing process removed potentially fatal bacteria and muck from the water collected from the streams and rivers. Mind you it wasn't especially strong beer and they hadn't figured out hops by then. Still, remember, if you don't want to die - drink beer! Cheers!


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Blair should know a little about drinking problems, his son seems to have one. Mind you, if I was married to his wife, I'd have a drinking problem.

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