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F a t h e r s 4 J u s t i c e have been getting it in the neck for their stunt of chucking purple flour at Tony in the Commons - I don't remember so much condemnation when lesbians absailed down into the chamber.. It seems to me to have been a classic stunt, no one got hurt, lots of publicity and if it showed up the security guys, good. It especially showed up the dimwits in the chamber.
On television watching those away from the action, mouths open, thinking " oh look someone is chucking unidentified powder at the Prime Minister - I think I will just stand and watch" - if it had been me I would have been out through the door and under the first tap I could find before Prescott could blink. And of course once everyone was theoretically contaminated the Sergeant at the door should not have allowed anyone out.

But the biggest news about f4j was 'Spiderman' cleared over protest where he proved to the court that the police closed down a large part of central London just so they could have an easier prosecution case. How many millions did that cost? And who is going to lose their job over that?
The Rozzers always believe their own interests are paramount - ask anyone stuck on a motorway whilst they take four hours to record an accident scene.


Looks like two nil to the little people.
I was fascinated by the look of utter torpor on the face of Brown. I wondered if he had had, perhaps, a very good lunch (even in an oyster bar). How nice it was to see the ruling elite, well most of them, exposed as ninnies. I expect them to vote themselves an armour plated superluxurious new underground shelter to live in permanently, though that may be a forlorne hope.
On a second point, I am intrigued as to why these Fathers4Justice are having such a rotten deal from everyone from the judiciary to the CPS and the police (Home Office). The impression is that the ruling elite have stitched them up, but why. Can it be that the MacBethian Feminist Three in the cabinet have neutered the disadvantaged lot sitting around them, and put in place the relevant and partial legislation? They certainly seem to have mangled the chances of any poor blighter who may be accused of rape, however flimsy the evidence. It makes yer blood run cold.

Two nil to the little people, very satisfying.
I was fascinated by the look of utter torpor on the face of Brown in the Telegraph picture. One wonders if he had perhaps had a good lunch in some local oyster bar?
As for the rest of the on camera ruling elite, what ninnies they are, how useless and helpless they show themselves to be. I confidently expect them to vote themselves a luxurious, armor plated, underground, bunker costing more than the legendary Portcullis House and the Scottish Parliament Building put together.
On a different note, I am intrigued by the well marshalled, and overwhelming forces of the ruling elite ranged against the Fathers4Justice. The Judiciary, the CPS, the police (Home Office) against a few obviously badly treated fathers. Its odd.
Can it be that the Macbethian Three Feminists sitting in the cabinet have neutered the sad underpriveleged men sitting around them, and furthered the cause of anti-male legislation against these fathers? They already appear to have severely diminished the chances of any man accused of rape, however flimsy the evidence against him, of getting an aquittal. When will those three meet again?

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