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Shooting the Conservative's Fox

Times Online - Newspaper Edition

IN A surprise move Tony Blair is to push through a ban on foxhunting in the autumn in an attempt to shore up support among restless Labour backbenchers.

The government will reintroduce a bill to ban hunting and will take it through the Commons either in July, before the Commons rises for the summer recess, or in the short session in September when it returns.

Not that surprising - while Tony doesn't believe in the ban it is a conveinient sop to throw to his backbenchers, the fluffy bunny brigade might chuck more money to the party and when the Tories oppose it they will appear to be the party of Bufton-Tufton rather than the modernising urban go-getters that Labour think they are.

A rural culture is being used as a petty political pawn - bastards.


why the surprise. Blair brings up the issue everytime his troops are unhappy.

It's like a chewy bone for a dog. Distraction.

Blair can introduce the law as he has an absolute majority. Getting wound up just increases your blood pressure, shortens your life and makes lefties drool.

So just ignore it. When we get in power next time, we can reverse the legislation.

Dont get distracted. Dont get mad. Stay focused.

The really sad thing is that someone will end up getting killed over this issue - still given that both Mr & Mrs Blair hate the countryside, I do not think, for a moment that they will worry about that - just as long as they can get sun dried tomatos in their fav London restaurant.

If the Hunt Lobby don't object to Scots Irish and welsh MP's voting on hunting in England they deserve every thing they get. The West Lothian question will be enough to put the wind up Tony,I don't think he wants people to think about it for now.

It would help if the Hunt Lobby made a big noise about Scots Irish and Welsh MP's voting on an English matter. Tony will keep on thinking that the West Lothian Question is a non-issue as long as people let him.

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