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A bit of a problem - I updated the blogging software to Movable Type Publishing Platform 3.0 and ticked all the boxes to allow comments without registration and without approval - I bvelieve in you lot having your say, but it doesn't seem to be working as it should. Therefore your comments sit around waiting for me to push the tit to OK them to be put up. So they will appear, and if anyone knows how to solve the problem please let me know, otherwise have patience!

And please keep commenting!


Ahhh progress.

Interestingly enough, tally we have the same problem here in Sweet Home Alabama. One of the things that irritates me most about my home state is that there is no provision for home rule....whenever anybody in one of the counties wants something done, they have to get their State legislator to pass it as an amendment to the State constitution and then the whole state has to pass it....This is why the Alabama state consitution is the longest legal document in the world....Everything is better when you're looking after your own business and not having anyone else try to do it for you.

That does suck doesn't it, Dan? It's a bone headed way to run our state. Put lots of power on Goat Hill though, doesn't it?

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