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Mobile phone on the forecourt

I just got the chain email letter:

Subject: FW: very important information

> Shell Oil Co. Announcement

> Importance: High


> The Shell Oil Company recently issued a warning after three incidents in

>which mobile phones (cell phones) ignited fumes during fuelling operations.

My reply...

With the greatest respect the email about the danger of phones is rubbish, absolute tosh, should be ignored etc.

The truth is that there is NO recorded incidence of mobile phones causing a fire at petrol station, though there is a chance that when one was dropped in Australia the metal casing caused a spark, which is nothing to do with it being a phone, a cigarette case would have been just as dangerous.

As ever with email warnings the excellent Snopes site provides a reference and a link to Shell's denial of the warning.

see: Urban Legends Reference Pages: Automobiles (Fuelish Pleasures)

What we have is the madness of the Moonbat's Precautionary principle, because it is impossible to prove there may never ever be a problem , BAN IT, what ever the cost to society.

And don't get me started on the mobile phone ban in Hospitals - they have never caused a problem - what started as a precautionary ban ( against all common sense ) has now become enshrined as hospitals force patients to pay through the nose for bedside phones and the hospital shares the revenue. It is a shakedown enforced by the feebleminded.



Well said. This is one of those wonderful urban legends which is perpetuated by the fear of compensation claims. Recently I received a video clip which was supposed to show a mobile phone triggering a fire - in fact it was the static electricity sparks generated when the woman brushed off her clothes and then touches the metal of the nozzle during filling which caused it. She wasn't even using the phone.

I agree that it is probably rubbish but I still turn my phone off when filling up anyway just to be sure.

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