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Where does oil come from?

I have come across this before, but thanks to Barking Moonbat EWS for this link to an interesting theory - WorldNetDaily: Sustainable oil?

"...in the Middle East, where oil exploration and extraction have been underway for at least the last 20 years, known reserves have doubled. Currently there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 680 billion barrels of Middle East reserve oil.

Creating that much oil would take a big pile of dead dinosaurs and fermenting prehistoric plants. Could there be another source for crude oil?

An intriguing theory now permeating oil company research staffs suggests that crude oil may actually be a natural inorganic product, not a stepchild of unfathomable time and organic degradation....


hi im duin a skwl project on oil and need 2no where it cums from can u help me???


Due to the heavy oil comsumption being taken out from around the earth's core, wouldn't it be possible that it would cause the earth's atmospheric temperature to rise? Kinda like the way oil protect engine components under extreme temperatures. I have this theory, The oil inside the earth's surface is a protector of the earth's outer surface as well as the earths core. That would explain the waters warming and the glaciers melting, the land drying out causing fires. More productive hurricane seasons. Maybe I'm wrong but it sure does seem logical.

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