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Mr Free Market gets a slapping

Ian at Panchromatica doesn't approve of some of Mr Free Market's comments - I must admit that Ms Carr seemed an odd target to take against, a woman more sinned against than sinning, a bit feeble minded but not an evil person - judging by the extremely limited amount I have read. But chain gangs on the A303 - oh yes please.


At first I wondered what kind of person would take umbridge at the musings of Mr F.M.
However a quick peek at the 'gentleman' in question reveals that he is a 'planner' with 30 years in local government.
If that wasn't enough to lead you to the conclusion of 'nuff said' you may wish to consider that the most noteworthy contribution of the Adam Smith Institute site according to this individual is the links provided to communism.

What I said was "I give them full credit however for providing direct links to Amazon searches on such terms as Socialism, Communism and New Labour - alongside of course Libertarianism, Margaret Thatcher etc."

In other words they are more honest than you have been and encourage full access to the original sources, not bowdlerised quotes.

You are going to get two comments from me because when I posted I hadn't read about your problem with MT3.0. Also - as I hope is obvious - the 'you' to whom I refer in that comment is of course not you but the previous commenter.

But on the other hand Kim du Toit has added him to his blogroll...

Ian says
"In other words they are more honest than you have been"

I invite Ian to point out where I have been dishonest.

Tim, when I first read your comments I thought that Kim had added Mr Guardian to his blogroll!

Ian & I are ultimately never destined to get on are we?

See you in the pub later....

Highly unlikely Mr FM - despite your bursts of humour that even I can appreciate - which is why I occasionally drop in.

...actually it was Tim I was talking to, but Ian feel free to join us...we are the mad looking ones sitting in the corner...discussing guns..lol

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