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My sort of pictures.

I was pleased to learn that a young girl I know, (I knew her mother very well a long time ago), has got a website of her photos. You have probably guessed I'm a bit of a tractor fan and so this one
Angel's Beast was my favourite. Other charming pictures include at Pony Club and with her family.

I remember one night I was walking home from the Pub and Sarah, who was about 16, was lying on her back with legs in the air (fully clothed) on the village Green. Her boyfriend was trying to get her to go home to her mum as she had too much to drink. When she saw me she said " Hi Tim, do you know I have got 36" long legs, what do you think I should be doing with them?" I resisted the temptation to say "Move over boy, this is man's work, watch and learn". Regrets, we all have them..

A word of warning, I wouldn't explore the rest of her site as her work is now "adult" in nature and not for the faint hearted - I will stick to the tractor pictures.


Now telling us not to look at the rest of the site due to its adult nature:
Red rag

Is this what is meant by farmers diversifying?

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