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go to google.co.uk

type in poodle
click on pages from the uk
click I'm feeling lucky

The result - Poodle

Now who has been running a naughty googlebomb?



I admire your blog, and I usually agree with what you have to say. In fact, I've blogrolled you on my site, and I check An Englishman's Castle almost every day.

I have to register an objection, though, when you join the looney left in castigating Blair as some kind of poodle. That's exactly what he is not. I wouldn't want to have to live with Blair's socialist domestic policies, but that was the British public's free choice when they gave Labour a couple of landslides.

It's Blair's foreign policy I'm grateful for. From where I'm standing, he looks like a hero, not a poodle. I wish I could convey to you what it's been like the past couple of years, being abandoned by several so-called "allies" in our hour of need. I hope it doesn't make you sick if I compare Blair to Churchill or Thatcher, but please try to understand that to a lot of Americans that seems an apt comparison. God bless him for sticking by us.

I've never voted for a socialist in my life, but if I were eligible, I would vote for, donate to, and campaign for Blair in the next election.

History will judge him far more kindly than the current conventional wisdom has. Please, don't call him a poodle.

I did vote for Blair bit its still funny!

Is this how you do it? Hope i've got this right:

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