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Vote early, vote often

European elections: The manifestos

European election day today - in my humble opinion this election is not about national politics but is a single issue referendum on Europe as a whole - do you want to be part of a EU as it is evolving, do you want to influence to change from the inside or do you just want to say "Bollocks" to the lot of them?

I'm in the Bollocks camp, Mr Howard is in for a bad day with the number of "natural" Tories who are lending the UKIP their vote for this one election.


As I noted on FMFT, Howard's position on the EU question:

The Today Programme BBC Radio 4
Interview - John Humphrys  and Michael Howard

John Humphrys: "So in other words, your  position is precisely the same as
the Labour government's.

Michael  Howard: "Oh! Absolutely."

Somewhat strangely, there is no UKIP candidate for Germany. That means I'll either have to vote for the Pro European party, the really pro-European party, the Greens or the former East German communists. Now there is no regional list here, but rather a national list, (only the conservative party -CDU/CSU- has a regional list, because the CSU only operates in Bavaria) so, they'd be vying for 1 seat out of 80. I hadn't thought of it before, but I bet if you advertised it, you could get continental socialists to vote UKIP on a "these people will get the Brits out of the EU" ticket.

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