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Ouch Tony

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler analyses why Tony lost support, was it really his support of the Iraq War? He and I don't think so. Tony lost support of Sid and Doris Bonkers who run the local Labour branch, and he lost the support of the Medja over it. So when the great British public vote against Labour because they are fed up of the crap public services, the broken promises, the taxes and the fawning to the EU superstate; all of which Sid and Doris are happy with, the professionals point to the War as the casue instead, which when voting in local elections is, I believe, way down people's list of reasons to vote.


The old American gentleman who I beleive is a director or chairmen of MORI (the UK market and public opinion research agency) was on TV recently and commented that just before the elections MORI asked a wide selection of pollsters what themes, subjects and issues might affect the way they would vote. For example, taxation, health, pensions, education, Europe, crime etc. Their survey showed that the issue of Iraq came TWELTH on the list of subjects that would influence they way they might vote. He commented that much of the media and many politicians who were saying that Labour lost PRIMARILY because of the war on Iraq were way off the mark. Apparently voters had many other issues in mind that were far more important than the recent Iraq war.

I wonder how far up the MORI poll voter priority list the subject of illegal immigration and bogus asylum was? I bet it was further up the poll than Iraq. But that media subject isn't politically correct is it?

And another thing to consider, if people were supposedly not voting Labour in protest of the Iraq war, then why the hell was there such a successful voter surge to the right-wing Conservative Party. They too were pro-war at the time and most probably would have gone into Iraq with the Americans if they had been in government at the time. A vote for the Conservative Party is NOT an anti-Iraq war vote. A major anti-war protest vote amongst the voters would have meant that the Liberal Democrats would have swept the board.

From what I can see, the major "protest" vote amongst the British population went to the "rightish" UKIP, not the anti-war Lib Dems.

It suits a number of people to push this story as the truth is less useful to them.

1) Tony and his government: This spin helps to cover up the fact that many voters are unhappy with other issues. As most voters are bored of Iraq, concentration on this issue by the media will benefit the government.

2) The Lib Dems: Lets face it they don't have anything else going for them. This way they look important.

3) The Media: After banging on about poodles, WMD, Human rights and the rest for months, they are sounding like a stuck record. Anything that vindicates them will be used, whether it is correct or not is of less importance.

4) All Europhiles: The truth is too hard to bear.

Against this alliance of interests, the truth doesn't stand a chance.

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