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The Jet in question

My enquiry about my MPs freebie trips has generated some interest - I realised I didn't know the plane so here is a link :Aerospace Technology - The Dassault Falcon 900EX long-range business tri-jet.

And yes he is an Earl:

Rt Hon Michael Andrew Foster Jude KERR of ANCRAM,

PC 1996; DL Roxburgh, Ettrick & Lauderdale, 1990; QC (Scot) 1996, MP (C) Devizes from 1992; chm of the Conservative Party from 1998; s and heir of 12th Marquess of Lothian,

(His surname is actually Kerr but he uses Ancram - it gets odder - but then one day he will be Lothian I suppose when he becomes the Marquess).


Used to be Deputy Secretary of State for Scotland in 1986 BF (Before Follyrood). I remember him coming to Fort George when 1 Queen's Own Highlanders were there to open the refurbished accommodation etc. He used his title Earl of Ancram then.

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