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I popped over to Numberwatch to order his new book - what an essential site it is - and came back with this musing on D-Day.

..above all, it was for the precious concept of individual liberty that Britons, Americans and their allies endured that terrible ordeal. Protected by habeas corpus, free from the threat from double jeopardy, beneficiaries of centuries of careful development of a framework of law and justice, they were the inheritors of a tradition that represents the best of a fair society. For the British, however, it has all turned to dust, surrendered by the pusillanimous politicians. Here is a short extract from the book Ten minutes to midnight by Phillip Day , Credence Publications 2003:

* Under British law, a law enforcement officer or the public prosecutor must place evidence before a court within 24 hours of a citizen's arrest, detailing the charges being brought against him or her. Under EU law, the police and prosecution have become one entity, and all proceedings may be conducted in secret. These measures have already been endorsed by British politicians.
* Under ECJ law, past offences committed by the accused will be raked up against him and used to justify why he committed the crime for which he is accused. Under British law, this information is only made available to the court after the verdict, in order to secure a fair trial.
* Under Article 8 of the Treaty of Amsterdam, members of the new federal 'Europol' are "immune from legal process of any kind for acts performed... in the exercise of their official functions." Thus, no Europol officer can be charged or brought to trial for false imprisonment, violence against a suspect, the destruction or seizure of private property , or harassment of any individual.

* Europol has been given powers to operate anywhere within the Eurozone, including Britain, with complete impunity. They have the power of summary arrest and extradition, in spite of existing British laws, which specifically prohibit such action. Under the power of international treaty, British law is superseded.

* Ironically, or perhaps not so, Europol's main base of operations is quartered in the old Gestapo headquarters building in The Hague. Eventually Europol will have thousands of armed officers able to operate throughout the Eurozone with complete impunity.

* Europol has been amassing records on hundreds of thousands of European citizens. None of this information is ever made public. Europol has the power, under EU law, to instruct British police authorities to investigate anyone in Britain the EU deems a danger to law and order.


Time to join UKIP, then?

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