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Apple Pie Order

A story that was passed to me,- knowing schools I believe it:

A friend's son who shows promise in the kitchen announced that at his next cookery lesson he was to make an apple pie. (I say 'cookery lesson' but there is a properly obscure title for the course which seems to combine cooking with metalwork and carpentry aiui.)

He had to take the ingredients with him. To be fair to the school he had been issued with a note detailing the quantities but what does a typical small boy do with notes from school?

Yes, he lost it.

Never mind. Apple pie is easy. He went with Apples, sugar, butter, flour and a couple of cloves.

He came back with them, he hadn't been allowed to make a pie because he hadn't got the proper ingredients.

Which were:
A pack of ready made pastry sheets.
And a can of sweetened apple pulp.

So the schools are teaching home cooking to processed packet food

He made his pie at home after school with minimal assistance and the
ingredients that had made the round trip plus a few blackberries and some shreds of ginger. I had a slice. As I said, he shows promise.


Now we know who ate all the pies...

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