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A link from not.onlymyself to a proposed ecotourist holiday - I know a man who might be interested - Norway considers tourist seal hunt - (UPI)

The Norwegian government is considering opening its annual seal hunt to tourists who pay for training and guides, the Aftenposten newspaper said Wednesday.

Norway's parliament, the Storting, cleared Fishery Minister Svein Ludvigsen's proposal to make seal hunting a tourist attraction.

There is now a quota of 2,000 animals per year for Norwegian hunters, who must pass a shooting exam and also win a permit by lottery. The quota is rarely reached because of the unpredictability of the wind and seas.

Under the government tourism proposal, in order to participate in the difficult hunt applicants must be also be gun-qualified, and would need certified guides.

Now I know what to say when my Guardian reader friends ask "Going anywhere interesting for your holidays? We have got this super litle farmhouse in the..." "YES actually I'm going Seal hunting in Norway"


How do you tell a baby seal from a baby walrus?

From the club marks in its head

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