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Alice is back

Alice in Texas "I am back blogging, and intend to stay here."

Having escaped from my part of Blighty she is down Texas way and in fine form - example...

Tony Blair is now halfway physically morphed into some indistinct Schroeder-like Euro-politico. Grey crispy hair; puffy face; the occasional use of pseudy mid-European-intellektual specs, required by myopia born of psychosomatic-metaphorical failure to perceive The Big Picture; ultra-expensively cut suits disguising a multitude of foie-gras laden sins. The old wide-eyed enthusiasm is long gone. Now he rubs his beady eyes in sheer confusion at the wilfulness of his charges (ie, us), who simply refuse to listen to common sense anymore.


A lovely English maiden.....living in Texas....with a gun in her pocket:

She is clearly a example to all of us.

(please note I avoided the gratuitous Friday use of 'exemplar')

See you in the pub later


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