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I live near...

Schoolbot humour based on the odd names some places in England have - just type in your postcode to find Amusing places close to you

My Results:

Cuckoo's Knob 7.3 miles

Sodom 12.3 miles

Box Tunnel 15.5 miles

Zig-Zag Hill 28.7 miles

Sandy Balls 30.7 miles

Butt Hatch 31.1 miles

Lusty Hill 31.1 miles

Handcock's Bottom 33.3 miles

Snatch House 34.0 miles

Golden Balls 37.0 miles


Nice one! My search throws up:

10.2 miles

Gay Bowers
15.1 miles

Dancing Dicks
16.5 miles

Cock Clarks
17.0 miles

17.3 miles

Bummers Hill
17.7 miles

Mincing Lane
19.8 miles

22.4 miles

22.5 miles

Shaftenhoe End
22.8 miles

U.S. Version:

The best: French Lick, Indiana.

Longest: Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (known locally as "T or C").

Coolest: Rifle, Colorado.

Toughest: Granite County, Montana.

Worst: Intercourse, Pennsylvania

You missed Pratts Bottom 2 miles - near Orpington, and Wyre Piddle 3 miles - near Worcester. Then there's Upper and Lower Piddle in the South West and a few more. Werry whimsical ....

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