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CIX - why I still belong

About ten years ago I joined a strange cult like online community - CIX Online. And then the www happened etc, and sometimes I wonder why I still pay the monthly fee:
The reason, exchanges like these re football: (foul language alert)

See now, if I was Blind Lemon Blunkett, I'd /insist/ on anyone who wanted
being able to travel to an England match abroad. Then, I'd tell them all
to fuck off when they tried to get back in. Then I'd authorise their
families, their families parents and the friends of their families parents
to be hunted down and shot like the dogs they are, and their property
sequestered. Only in this was, I feel, are we likely to effectively deal
withe the menace of having to co-exist with the likes of stclub.
The other thing I object to
is the football-tart. Now see, I'm no sexist, and the little ladies have
every right to show an interest from the ironing board, particularly when
someone 'kicks a goal'. However, I go rabid and start making monkey
noises that would shame a Croation Nazi when I see some Blondie in a
fucking football shirt, swigging ale, either on the terrace or in front of
a pub screen. Why ? Because it's all part and parcel of the crass
marketing of the game as a lifestyle item that is embodied in the pathetic
sight of a fucking clothes-horse parading with the England captains
armband on.

Actually, attempting to buy one larger than size large ought to be made a
hanging offence.

Anyone with more than athletic proportions in a football shirt is probably
a bigger style offence than that pratt Llewellyn-Bowen. Probably> No,


Tee hee - these people make me look positively reasonable !!

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