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Crop Circles

Driving back from a pub last night I spotted my first corn circle of the year. See the Circlemakers site for details of "This impressive six-fold formation is a close cousin to the monster 700ft formation that appeared at Stone Henge back in 2002. Located near the famed Barge Inn at Honey Street and discovered on the 16th June in wheat." (The Barge Inn is less than two miles from the Castle) and then I discover that Mr. Free Market has been going to The Barge Inn recently, hum.

UPDATE MR FM claims it wasn't him that went to The Barge Inn, but I think MRDA (Mandy Rice-Davis Applies) "He would say that wouldn't he"...


You do me a diservice sir...no I haven't been communing with the hippies, just reporting that the Daily Torygraph had..!!

I can think of much better places to drink...

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