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Washed Up Politico

According to the EU Referendum blog:

"Christopher Patten has thrown in the towel, telling the BBC last night that his political career was "effectively over" after he failed in his bid to become commission president. This is who man who, having failed to get re-elected in the 1992 general election, went on to give away Hong Kong to the Chinese and then destroyed the Royal Ulster Constabulary...he can draw down his £60,000 a year commission pension, plus all the other bunce he's managed to pick up on the way. Hard life being a failure, innit?

I don't think Chris Petain's political career will be properly over until he is hanging from his heels outside a petrol station..


Joke of the day? "...went on to give away Hong Kong to the Chinese..."
What huge egos the little Englanders' have. And who is Mr Petain?

Sorry - my little pun - I thought the reference to Henri-Philippe Petain (1856-1951) would be readily recognised. Especially as I can imagine old Fatty Pang sitting at home having a wet dream of when he is brought out of retirement to act as a Vichy governor for the English Regions, now under control of the EU.

As for Hong Kong, it was my ego that was hurt but my sense of honour.

Thereís no honour in colonialism. Itís a colonial past that causes so many Englishmen to hang their heads in shame at the sight of the flag of St. George. Though hopefully, thatís changing now as recent events have offered the hope that we can rescue it from Little Englanders like UKIP/BNP.

To be fair to fatty Pang, he wasn't personally responsible for the decision to hand HK over to the Chinese.

As for Englishmen "hang[ing] their heads in shame at the sight of the flag of St. George" - if you only read the Grauniad, maybe.

Another historical note - "Little Englanders" were originally people who wanted to pursue a relationship with Europe at the expense of links with the rest of the world.

As for the intellectual dishonesty of conflating UKIP and the BNP - [ptui].

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