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A different set of slaves

The Gray Monk has a fascinating history of a small slaving operation:

..the slaver raids on Cornwall and the North Devon coast in the 17th and early 18th Centuries. These were Barbary Pirates who were based mainly at Salé near Rabat in Morocco. At one point they had occupied Lundy Island and flew the flag of Islam there while they made free capturing ships and crews and raiding the coastal harbours and villages for women and children as slaves.

So that is Africans coming to Britain to enslave whites, how does that fit in with the PC history we are all taught now?


There is a new book out on this subject called 'White Gold', it is about the millions of Europoeans that were taken into slavery by the Muslims. Can't remember the name of the author.

this is a true history. if you are interested you may find books about ottoman piraveeters and their adventures especially in island , you can check danemark national library . there are 4 books trykjaranid- tyrkjarans saga- tyrkjaranid a islandi- litil saga umm herhla up tyrkjans a islandi- about how ottoman piraveeters captured and based on lundy island and what they did.these books are originally written in 17. century

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