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Sparkie News

Sparkies are annoyed with the EU -- "standard 3 phase cables will not be Red, Yellow and Blue for the 3 phase and Black for the Neutral, Of which every single cable in the country is at the moment except for some older ones that have 1 2 and 3 on the phases.
The new Phase colours are Red is now Brown, Yellow is now Black(old Neutral), Blue is now Grey and the Neutral is now Blue(the old phase).

So what was live is now neutral and what was neutral is now live -= that sounds like a recipe for safety! (Imagine if an evil multinational had come up with such a stupid plan, the outcry.) As one of the commenters says:

It's like the fire extinguishers. They used to be easily distinguishable, now they are all red with a small label. WTF, let's think for a pico second. It's a fire, your eyes are stinging with smoke and now you have to read the f.cking thing.

Are they on drugs over there?

No wonder they are all unelected, they are all f.cking morons. The sooner we are out, the better.

Will anyone be held accountable for the corporate manslaughter that happens?


I very much doubt anyone will be held responsible. They're all so busy congratulating themselves that they don't stop to think about the practical considerations, just like the bigwigs of the company I work for (large chain supermarket, not doing very well, employs a very annoying celeb chef for adverts)

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