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The Sound of Freedom

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Off to the local Fair today. This isn't one of your cuddly correct council organised ones, no this one was started up by a couple of local farmers and they still run it how they want to, so lots of steam engines, tractor pulling, vintage machinery working, tacky rides, military equipment displays etc. Real rural England. The picture is of a couple of blokes who dug up a crashed wartime plane and decided to restore the Merlin engines. Now they have them on a couple of trailers and they brought them from the North of England to show them. And they work - you can see they are leaning against the wind, and they were only warming up at this point - soon it was full throttle and my three year old girl enjoyed it as much as the rest of the crowd.

(Health and Safety note - the young guy did put ear defenders on eventually.)


Nice to see the Confederate Battle Flag in the background

Shock horror! Ear defenders - and deaden the glorious sound of a raging roaring Merlin? He ought to be ashamed - and any passing Health and Safety Jobsworth should be invited to place their head between the prop blades at full throttle!

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