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Local Councillors

This is Bath is starting to be critical over the Bath Spa project - "Costs of the project were originally estimated at 13m..
The latest reports say that it is impossible to put a final figure on the project, but a worst-case scenario, with legal wrangles over the peeling paint crisis taken into account, would be in excess of 35m."

As someone said:

"These people are incompetent. They could not manage their way out of a paper bag."

And there is more - Consider the other Mowlem built Millennium Project - The Plymouth Portsmouth Spinnaker:
"We are close to 11m over budget. It is a complete disaster.

"There are major problems with it. It is half finished. We don't even have a date so far when it will be finished. There are problems now with the concrete and with steel things.

"The integrity of the thing is now in doubt. Who goes up towers if they think they're not going to stand up?"



The Spinnaker is in Portsmouth - I know because I've seen it. Well the half of it that's erected so far.

You what? The Chronick reporting actual news? I have been away from Bath for too long.

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