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Your Britain

Inspired by Blognor Regis and his use of old posters I thought I would dig out a digital version of the one that is on the wall behind me in the office:

Bigger please!

Nuff said I think.


Not quite 'nuff' Tim, we need to know where we're fighting, when we're fighting and of course who we're fighting!
Other than that, sounds good to me.

Hey, I'm up for a scrap! We should form a regiment or something.

how about,
6th Regt of Loyal Light Horse (Duke of Wadsworths Own)
46 (Commando) Indpt Field Bath Coy
may be even the feared
37 Sqdn (Airborne) Mess Tin Repair Unit

Who are fighting against?

"Girl: What're you rebelling against, Johnny? Johnny (Marlon Brando) : Whaddya got? The Wild One (1953)."

uh....declare UDI & tell Tony to “bring it on” – it worked for the Yanks

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