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It is worse than I imagined..

The Gray Monk points out:

Figures released yesterday show that the Ministry of Defence employs 102,000 soldiers, and 102,600 civil servants. Guess where the cuts are proposed to fall? Right, it isn't among the papershuffler Brigade.
The Customs and Excise and Inland Revenue now employ between them more Tax Collectors than the total manpower in the Navy and the Airforce, yet the Civil Service is growing at a rate of 511 new civil servants per week! This is an increase on last year's 444 new civil servants a week which saw the "service" grow to 5.6 million. Other statistics on this are equally frightening - the Health Service appoints three new managers for each new nurse OR doctor appointed.

Unfubeckinglievable, one day the ballon of theis growth must pop, mustn't it?


"Unfubeckinglievable" - Word of the day, for sure.

On the subject of military/civilians:

US ARMY 487000 Navy 386000 Marines 174000 Air Force 369000 equals 1416000 Regulars as at latest figures on DoD website

Civilians = 700,000 worldwide of which 320,000 posts are filled by military personnel so 380,000 civilians (many of whom will actually be members of the reserves as well) thus giving ratio of 3.72 military to 1 civilian. The equivalent ratio in the UK is 1.74 military (all Army/Navy/RAF) to 1 civilian. Bear in mind the sheer size of the US establishment, deployments and number of bases compared to the UK and you see how heavy MoD are compared to DoD. This does not include reservists. (750,000 US 36,000 UK) so the figures get even worse if you incldue the reservists.....sack 'em all and cut the number of votes for Labour next election

Forgot to say that many civvie posts on the establishment in DoD are filled by military because of the fact that department heads in DoD are allowed to choose between civvie or military for the post and military work out cheaper on budgets and are more efficient.......wonder why?

Deport those destroying England...

Send Labour back to Scotland.

Thanks for the link and the comments. I like the new word describing it all! About sums it up really.

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