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Pig Victory

I covered this story when it first came out so here is an update:

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An historic statue of a wild boar is to be reinstated in a Derby park in a move that has been hailed a "victory for people power".

The decision to put the Florentine Boar statue back into Arboretum Park follows months of public outcry.

Controversy was sparked after it was suggested by a Derby City Council committee that the statue should be put elsewhere for fear of upsetting Muslims, who regard pigs as unclean.

The council had always hoped, as part of a 5.6m heritage lottery- funded project to restore the park to its former glory, to replace the statue with a replica.

But in March the council's minority ethnic communities advisory committee, chaired by Liberal Democrat council leader Maurice Burgess, instead recommended putting in a statue of the park's architect, John Loudon.

This prompted a tide of anger from residents in the area and from those who regard the boar as an integral part of Derby's history.

More than 2,000 people signed petitions to retain the boar, which had stood in the park from 1840 until it was damaged in a Second World War air raid in 1942.

And the groundswell of public opinion has now forced the council to decide that the boar should be returned%2


I say offend 'em. have some live pigs running around too. And add a 60 foot (20 metre) bacon grease fountain.

The question is, are any Muslims actually offended by it? This just sounds like another example of do gooding liberals speaking on behalf of other people without actually bothering to find out there opinion first.

Besides, if they actually are offended by our culture then they shouldn't have come to live here.

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