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Another for the Earl.

The EU Referendum Blog brings "The Budapest Declaration" to my attention - well I think my fax to my MP explains it all. I use FaxYourMP.com

Rt Hon Michael Ancram QC
MP for Devizes
House Of Commons

Friday 9 July 2004

Dear Rt Hon Michael Ancram QC,

I gather delegates of the EPP-ED European Parliamentary Group to which the Conservative MEPs are affiliated have adopted 'The Budapest Declaration'.

I was wondering if you agree with these statements from the declaration: 'Our Group reaffirms its commitment to the European model of social market economy' and 'the EU should become an ever more coherent, united entity ' and 'The new Constitution, .., must first be ratified and then implemented.'

Your reply will most interesting.

Yours as ever.

PS - I sent a fax about four weeks ago enquiring about who Flying Lion Ltd were, I never got a reply so I wondered if you received it?


His fax machine isn't working so it is off to the Post Office to send a letter...

Oh dear! Another Tory f***-up! Long may the party be run by such people. Reminds me of Mrs T’s Maastricht defence (‘I didn’t understand what I was signing…’)!

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