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Happy Holiday ( to some of our readers).

Twelfth of July

On the Twelfth of July, the Protestant community celebrates the momentous events towards the end of the seventeenth century, often referred to as the Glorious Revolution. This Revolution laid the foundations of our constitutional monarchy and our parliamentary democracy. It is a thanksgiving for the triumph of civil and religious liberty for all.

(For the fire lovers amonst us hundreds of bonfires are lit across Ulster usually at around midnight on the 11th .)

No date in Irish history is better known than 1690. No Irish battle is more famous than William III's victory over James II at the River Boyne,The battle was fought on 1 July 1690 at a fordable river bend four miles west of Drogheda. The Battle of the Boyne is rememebered each July in the celebrations of the Orange Order and Protestant ares of Northern Ireland, not on the first day but on "the Twelfth", for eleven days were lost with the change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar in 1752.


By the way my previous is not directed at Tim, but Jason.

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