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BBC reports good news from Iraq

BBC NEWS | Magazine | Rebuilding Iraq, brick by brick

"We've built up a great rapport with the instructors and all the recruits and I think it's been a real success.
"I didn't ever imagine when I joined the Army 13 years ago that I would be building a training school then watching recruits we'd helped train graduating from it. It's brilliant to see such tangible results from our time here in Iraq."


At least we are getting tangible results in Iraq. Hopefully they will continue long past the transfer of power...the actual one, I mean, the one that doesn't happen in a day. Not the symbolic, "we can jump the gun" one.

Wangoed.com has a reporter over there right now, gathering notes for an October deadline. There have been strict instructions to show restraint where criticism is concerned.

Yeah, it's good to see that there are concerete changes over there and hopefully everything continues to go well and as planned. I will be closely watching, because I'm very interested to see what is going to occur.

Start reading Iraq the Model and other Iraqi bloggers, you'll get the good, bad and ugly.

The BBC, like the NYT, can only keep the positive stories out for so long before they will have to start reporting them.

As stated above, most of the good news leaking out now is via the Blogosphere.

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